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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lara Dutta in Green Swimsuit looking very hot

Lara Dutta is an Indian actress, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and former Miss Universe.She was crowned Miss Universe in 2000 which led to her appointment as a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador in 2001.Dutta won the annual Gladsrags modeling competition in her native India, thus winning the right to be the first Indian representative at the 1997 Miss Intercontinental, in which she took first place. Later, she was crowned Femina Miss India Universe and Miss Universe in 2000.She achieved the highest score in the swimsuit competition and her finalist interview score was the highest individual score in any category in the history of the Miss Universe contest, as her perfect interview saw a majority of the judges giving her the maximum 9.99 mark. After her final question, in which Dutta delivered a passionate defense of the Miss Universe contest (and other beauty pageants), she became the second Indian Miss Universe.Her extreamly sexy body and very hot figure is too sexy and too hot.She looks very bold and hot in this two piece bikini.

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